Hardwood Forests

View of Silver Lake and Dunes This is our richest habitat, with a profusion of  broadleaf trees, insects, animals and birds!
White Milkweed, Alcona County, Summer 2002 White Milkweed
Dragonfly, Mecosta County roadside Dragonfly
In May of 2005 you could have bought the lot with the view above, looking out over Silver Lake, the dunes and Lake Michigan for $190,000.  But, there is something priceless here, something that cannot be valued in dollars.


Purple Coneflower is common in dry woods  Purple Coneflowe
Red Pine at Cranberry Lake There is magic in a late summer evening;  dusk finally falling.  The stars starting to come out and then you hear it, in the trees across the lake, the call of a whippoorwill.  This is a glimpse of God, that he allows us occasionally.
Tree Swallow eggs, Mecosta County, May 2005 Tree swallow eggs