15,000 Years ago Michigan was so very much different than now!

Glacial Iceberg

It is July, and large icebergs are floating in Lake Michigan off what will sometime in the future be Chicago.  The massive Laurentide glacier to the north, barely 100 miles away, still covers most of Michigan, Wisconsin and  Canada.  A cold incessant wind blows off the vast ice-sheets to the north.  Southern Michigan is a barren, rock strew, hilly landscape with a tundra like environment,  raw hills, yet lush grass filled valleys with mammoths and bison.  Partially frozen lakes of all sizes are strew across the country side, remnants of the retreating glacier.  When the wind off the ice slows ,a high summer sun and long days warm the temperatures to the sixties and seventies unleashing a abundance of life.  Wooly mammoths, Giant Ground Sloth roam the landscape. Dire wolves and Saber Tooth tiger shadow the herds, preying on the young, old and weak.

Woolly Mammoths Saber Tooth Tigers Musk Ox  Giant Ground Sloth

A tundra like environment covers the land, grass and firs are starting to come in. Reindeer Lichen is common on tundra High Bush Blueberries in Upper Peninsula


Evidence?  It is all around you!  The ice sculpted undulations of the land,  the broken and scoured bedrock, rebounding land, the lakes, rocks traced back to Canadian Shield sources, the pollen in sediments in the mud of pond bottoms, the trees, the sand and gravel of  glacial outwash!