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For thousands of years wind and waves have shaped the unique dunes on Lake Michigan's west shore resulting in a special place which entrances many with it beauty.  Sunny sand and water, dark hemlocks, screaming gulls all highlight this wonderful place.

Lake Superior Shore May trilliums are a sure sign of spring! Trillium
Milkweeds (Here, Asclepias incarnata) are common just inland of Lake Michigan behind sheltering dunes Milkweed
Hairy Puccoons (Lithospermum croceum) in dunes near Stony Lake, Michigan Hairy Puccoon
Hemlocks, Beach, and Red Oaks create a dark environment from which you emerge on to the startling brightness of the beach.  Here, Lake Superior along the North Country Trail, Luce County.
Wild Raspberries, Sleeping Bear Dunes Wild Raspberries